Sunday, June 8, 2008

In the beginning...

.....Corbie coached her computer illiterate mother through the rough and rocky road of blogging. She used all of her know how and let us not forget- patience - to set me on the right course. (She even set up my site.) She made it sound like it was a piece of cake. So when I said good bye to her around 11:00pm I was sure I would have this put together in no time. Around 3:17 AM I realized there had been a communication break down; I failed to really listen. I am sure Corb new I wasn't really grasping it but she also knew if she had to repeat the directions again, she would be directing (I mean banishing) me to the outer darkness or the hot ovens of Hell.

That I made it to this place is nothing short of a miracle! I feel a sense of great joy at this small insignificant accomplishment. Thank goodness I have found comfort in the music it has helped to keep me plugging along. Much to my yawning surprise I'm still awake hunting and pecking at the keyboard.

Age must be a factor in my inability to get it right in the beginning, but this old dog can and will learn new tricks. Here's hoping the learning curve will be swift and painless.