Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Wish List

I have opted out of making resolutions this year. Normally I make resolutions around the end of December or the first of January then I give it my all for the first half of the year. As my all begins to dwindle (around mid year) I realize I’m behind on accomplishments and I recognize again; I have over promised and under delivered. It probably would make more sense to make less resolution demands, however the overachiever gets the best of me when it comes to resolutions. For the record this year my resolve has dissolved bringing me to my "new" New Year’s approach: The Wish List.

Instead of feeling the full weight of accomplishment on my shoulders I opted for The Wish List; this will take the pressure off of me and shift it over to the universe. I know many may be thinking this is a cop out, for we are in charge of our own life. I must tell you I agree, however we are not in charge of our wishes. I can wish anything I want. If it happens great, if it doesn’t I had no expectations so there is no internal damage to my psyche which throws my “not enoughness” into overdrive.

Another nice thing about wishes, they can be wished on stars, on birthday candles, on pennies, at a fountain, at a wishing well or anything else a person deems to be wish worthy.

I offer up my 2010 Wish List, not necessarily in priority order:

1. My wish is to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am till 3:00 pm receiving for all my efforts a six figure income. Since it is my wish I think it should be closer to a seven figure for my time is very valuable. On my days off, my wish is to complete all my unfinished projects.

2. I wish the government would stop spending other people’s money, like mine, my children’s my grandchildren’s, my great-grandchildren’s, and so forth. If they must then I wish to have me and my posterity excused from participating.

3. I wish I had an assistant to pick up after me, clean my house, organize my life, keep me on task, make me laugh and do everything I don’t feel like doing. She would also organize my desk and see to it that my chair is pushed in at the end of each of my work days. All of this she would do with a smile. (This sounds like a mom not an assistant.)

4. I wish all my listings would go under contract within 30 days of being listed and close within 60. Also I wish for no problems on the way to the closing table.

5. I wish my new puppy would potty train herself or my new assistant (See #3) would handle that job too.

6. Although I like to swear, I wish I didn’t enjoy it so much. I guess I wish I would quit swearing, however it does make me laugh so this wish is a bit conflicted. This wish may have to be put on the wish back burner until the conflict is over. Maybe I should wish the conflict be over, oh hell, I’m not ready for that.

7. Speaking of laughing, I wish everyone would laugh more. I mean really laugh. In fact I wish everyone would belly laugh. You know the laugh that makes you weak, with strange snorting sounds coming out of your mouth while tears run down your cheeks, that kind of laugh.

8. I wish gas stations were not self service and someone would wash my windows, check my tires, check my oil and do this all with a big smile.

9. I wish I had more time to exercise and golf. This would help with my next wish.

10. I wish for less stress.

11. I wish I could speak Spanish. (Maybe I should wish to master English first.)

12. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted without having to worry about growing outward. However if I do have to grow, I wish it would be upward.

13. Last but certainly not least I wish the real estate market was strong and construction permits were on the rise. I also wish "short sale" meant, a short time to close.

I think this wishful thinking is just what I need this year, my very own pocketful of dreams.