Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Summer Weekend

Last weekend Corbie and 3 friends went to experience "Wine Country" and taste the fermented fruits of the Napa Valley. (I'm sure the motivation was connected to free booze but what do I know?) Robert was at a tournament in Park City playing the only "Real Sport" any "Real Man" should play, Rugby. (Anything else is just child's play.) Therefore I was blessed with entertaining Cale (11), Morgan (7) and Ryan (3).

We started out at Cale's soccer tournament where his team was victorious taking home the first place trophy. After that we headed to Wheeler Farm to attend the annual "Kids Fest" and ride a few rides. Next was the Coalville County Fair which was definitely the highlight for Ryan. Last and certainly not the highlight of the weekend was staying at a cabin where we roasted marshmallows in an open pit. Not one of them liked roasting or eating those delicious morsels. So as soon as the bugs started dive bombing at us, we called it a night and went inside. My darling citified grand kids were grateful to be inside with their Nintendo DS, computer and their DVDs. However the bugs would have been better than the hell that broke loose inside. Cale, bless his heart, got sick barely making it to the bathroom which may have been the best thing that happened because from that point it was all down hill.

Since the TV was down in the living room we decided we would camp out there and watch a movie. I of course was sound asleep before my head hit the pillow only to be awakened by Cale throwing up on Morgan's sleeping bag. (This was to be the first of several up chucking episodes through out the night.) I immediately jumped out of bed setting my feet upon what felt like frozen ground. It was very cold so I found a small space heater to use and then re-bundled Morgan and Cale with extra blankets. I stayed awake for an hour or more making sure it was warming up (hoping we could all avoid frost bite) and making sure Cale was a sleep.

I finally dosed off but within minutes or so it seemed Cale threw up again, on the blanket on top of his sleeping bag. Again I got up to help him and clean up. The temperature was climbing it was cold but at least we couldn't see our breath.

I found a pan for Cale to use should this happen again. Staying awake for another hour or so I watched my darling little boy fall asleep before the Sandman closed my eyes. As I was closing my eyes and slipping into sleep; again I was brought back to consciousness by Cale throwing up one more time. I thought thank goodness I gave him the pan but much to my dismay when I opened my eyes he had thrown up on his sleeping bag not in the pan. What a blessing it was the last clean up.

About 5:00am the cabin was warm the kids were sound asleep and as I was dosing off I thought, "I'm not good as the entertainment committee".