Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Corbie

It was thirty-two years ago today I received my greatest blessing, I became Corbie's mom. How lucky I have been since that one moment in time. As we celebrate Corbie's Birthday I will celebrate with incredible gratitude my 32ND personal Mother's Day and acknowledge, What a Wonderful Life! I AM BLESSED!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Day at a Time

Recently I spent the day with someone who was celebrating eight years of sobriety. What a milestone! For those who have courageously walked down that road they realize staying sober takes one day at a time, and very often it is one moment at a time. They also know there are no guarantees for many a person has fallen off the wagon after years of being sober. Everyday a person is sober is a great accomplishment and every year it is monumentous.

Hats off to anyone taking one step at a time, and may serenity be yours.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bring on 2009 It is Mine

What the heck happened to 2008? - here today gone tomorrow. Where was I? I really can't begin to tell you. It just vanished. This year I won't be so oblivious I'll show up for life's party.

My first New Year's resolution is to be present. I will try not to multi task (another word for half-assed) and be in moment. When speaking to someone I will earnestly make an effort to give them my undivided attention. For those of you who know me it could be a runaway train.

Second: I am going to complete the uncompleted. Like the 30 year Levis quilt, a 2 year sweater, 8 month scarf, scrapbooks and whatever else I find as I clean out my project closet.

Third: I am going to get together with friends and family that I have given lip service to by telling them, "We need to get together", and never do.

Fourth: I'm going to get my 10 hugs a day for optimum health. I may be parked at Corbie's house begging for them but I am going to get them. I should be able to pull one or two out of Cale (if his friends aren't around), Morgan is good for three or four and Ryan may have to supply the rest.

Fifth: I'm going to count my blessings daily and thank God for all he has given me.

Sixth: I'm going learn to use chopsticks. Yes, I said chopsticks. Every time I eat sushi it is a great achievement to get something in my mouth and monumental not be wearing my meal. (I should use them every meal, I'd probably loose some lbs.)

Last and certainly not least: I am going to laugh more. Many may think it is impossible, but I still think there are laughing moments I let slip by. So I will find more laughter and hopefully joy will fill my life.