Monday, May 25, 2009


Memorial Day is one of the Holidays which finds me walking down memory lane and grateful for the walk. It brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face simultaneously.

Years ago my grandmother asked if I would go with her and Grandpa on their Memorial Day cemetery route. This amounted to cleaning around the headstones of all of Grandma's relatives, even those she never knew. (I was grateful Grandpa's family was in Arkansas and California or one day would never have been enough.)

On that particular Memorial Day Grandma was showing signs of age and I know she wanted me to pick up the torch and take over for her. Unfortunately Grandpa had the final words with regards to my choice. As we watched Grandma shuffle over to her parents' headstone, he said to me, "You know Carol I have been doing this every Memorial Day for over 50 years. Your Grandma is hoping you will continue the tradition and I am telling you don't. Memorial Day was created for fallen soldiers and it has turned into a florist's payday. When I die don't bother I won't be here, I'll be around but it won't be here."

For the record I don't totally agree with Grandpa, however I haven't been back to their grave site. There are times I feel Grandma is probably a bit disappointed but I know Grandpa is grateful I took his advice. He was correct they are around; they just aren't there.

However yesterday my trek down memory lane was picture laden as I searched for a picture of G & G Corbie wanted. While I rummaged through boxes I came across so many pictures of Grandpa and Corbie together. Absent from the photos was Grandma, the photographer, who always made sure she had plenty of photos of those two.
Now years later as I cry my way through these pictures the only way I can think of thanking Grandma is to at least go clean off their headstone and leave behind a few Irises and Roses her flowers for this day.

Grandpa will probably smile as he tells Grandma, "You know I told her never to do this don't you? So why do you suppose this year she is doing it? I bet she is getting soft in her old age."

Well, Grandpa I may be getting soft, but the truth is it is just a small token of my appreciation for all you both did for me.

Oh, and thanks for all the wonderful memories,

Love Always,