Monday, October 8, 2012

Restore America's Self-Esteem

This election is not about a war on women, gay marriage, class warfare, abortion rights, birth control pills or any other propaganda the Obama administration can throw out.  This election is about restoring self-esteem to America. Lack of self-esteem is immobilizing and our nation.  I am speaking of the self-esteem that helps us to get up and get going in hard times.  Not the ego (often disguised as esteem) which is captivated by conceit, self-importance, or arrogance; instead of empowering  it holds us back from achieving success.  A government that wants to keep its citizens’ self-esteem low is a government that is based on elitists, who believe they know what is best for everyone.  It is also a government which tends to enslave rather than liberate. 

What Mitt Romney said about some of our citizens being victims is true; as many have been lead a stray by the rhetoric of those who want to keep them immobilized and stuck in a place of need.  Living off of the government lowers a person's self-esteem and steals their self-reliance. Welfare is needed to support people through trying times – however it should not become a lifestyle as it robs a person of the self-esteem garnered from being a productive member of society and feeling the value of being needed.

We need jobs.  Yet instead of jobs Barack Obama has provided 99 weeks of unemployment and food stamps; I would prefer that he provide our nation with the jobs he promised.  I don’t believe our country can take four more years of lowered self-esteem. 
A Government for the people should empower them.  We owe it to our country to restore self-esteem to our citizens by helping them up, not helping them out!  I believe that Mitt Romney can restore America’s self-esteem. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

My fridge is adorned with priceless gems or that is the story I tell myself.  The truth is I'm becoming my grandmother and I need some serious help.