Friday, September 10, 2010


I have a blog. I am not bragging for I am sure that many of you have a blog, and your blog is active and exciting. Mine is not. Mine is dull and pretty much dead. It seemed like a good idea at the time my daughter set it up. She and her friends seem to be enjoying themselves so I thought why not. I also thought it might be somewhat fun and relaxing. For the record I have yet to feel relaxed and fun would not be a word I used to describe blogging. (I have great hope that fun is just around the corner.)

Little did I know how time consuming it could be. In order to have an active blog you need to post often, every day would be best. My once in a while posting is really just a feeble attempt so I can say I have a blog. However, blogging everyday is out of the question as I do have a life beyond the Internet (anyway I think I do). Doing it daily would also feel too much like a job and I already have one of those, although my check book would beg to differ.

There are no real rules to blogging so it is entirely up to the blogger what is posted. With that being said I could write about my pet peeves, my political views, serious issues, funny happenings, or whatever the heck I want. Yet I haven’t been able to really get it together; as a matter of fact I feel self conscience and keep questioning if I am incapable of maintaining a blog. This surprises me because for the most part I am an in charge kinda gal, maybe even a control freak. However for some reason I am unable to take charge of my blog. It seems daunting and so revealing. This also seems strange to me since I am pretty much an open book, but this blogging has made me overly cautious and I am at a loss as to why. It could be that I am in menopause and I am loosing my mind or maybe I am a bumbling fool attempting the impossible.

There is a bright spot on my blog. I have family pictures as well as music which I can enjoy while baring the pain of blogging. I’m sure you are asking yourself why do something that is so difficult? My answer to that is I don’t know, but failure right now is not an option. I may not top the blogging charts but I am not a quitter, and so as I muddle through the mire while my blog bogs me down I will gallantly blog on.


Janet said...

Carol- I love your blog! I don't write everyday on mine either, but when I do it is fun to post "something"! I don't have much going on in my life, but I have a few "followers" who like to read what I do post. Hang in there girl friend!