Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Change is Coming Hold on to Your Wallet

How can you borrow your way out of debt? How exactly does that work? There must be a glitch in my thinking; I have yet to grasp how you rob Peter, pay Paul and everyone comes out on top. It seems to me that while Paul is feasting on his good luck Peter will then struggle to keep his head above water and the robber/debtor still owes money. Isn't that like a Ponzi Scheme? For some reason I see it more as a pathway to bankruptcy or worse prison. Of course I'm not an accountant or an attorney so I may be ill informed. However if you knowingly spend money you don't have or money that belongs to someone else I think it is considered criminal behavior. Unfortunately I have first hand knowledge of people going to jail for this type of behavior (they may have been my friends). So how could anyone think this type of economics could bring about positive change?

Nevertheless I am willing to give it a try. I would like all of my family, friends and acquaintances to invest their hard earned dollars with me. (Keeping in mind it is just an investment.) I promise to invest it in what I think will bring about the most change (as in coin). When I think your investment has run it's course I will let you know the outcome of change (as in difference) it made.

You can rest assure I will treat your money as if it were my own. I will spend it wisely on what I think is necessary to bring about the change needed (in my life). While you patiently wait for your change (coin) to come. It won't take long before you will see the benefit of your investment. It will make me happy, rich and filled with love and gratitude for all my investors. There will be such a nice change in me how could anyone refuse to invest?

If you are interested in great change, please send me your money immediately. I promise I won't let you down, I'm positive change will come.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Words of Wisdom